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Thread: Saving example files throughout the course

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    Default Saving example files throughout the course

    As with every example in the coursebooks, it says to save the files with new incremental names. I have saved previous files, but some I didn't as I didn't make any changes to the files. For peace of mind, I wanted to know whether we need to save ALL the files we use as examples? Or is this just so that we can go back to reference them if need be.

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    Was just saving them under sections and parts. But I don't have all of them! So I might have to go back through the discs and save the ones I didn't previously. Was just wondering because I knew we had to send in all our work at some point near the end? That part I'm not really clear on, which is why I want to make sure now, before I get too far and there's too much to organise!

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    It's just for personal reference you won't get marked on any of the example files. It's more about teaching you the importance of constantly saving your work.

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    Ok that's good, I've had a look through the course books anyway and it seems that I've saved all the ones they've asked for so not too much trouble there.

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    I have a terrible habit of doing things my way. I have placed each and every Assignment on a folder with another folder inside that one for textures, so they have no problems with textures when they open my files. In no way I have saved any of the example files(I have but not inculeded), because the books don't tell you and BenjiDude whos at DR at the moment confirmed we will not be marked on example files. I don't need any brownie points,the diploma on its own is good enough for me..

    My 1 pence worth.

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    Yeh I figure archiving is like packaging images and typefaces in inDesign so when you send it off everything is in the same place and easy to find. Well a lot of the example files do ask for you to save the files with a new name onto your hard drive but it tends to be the projects where you make a big difference to the original file. Anyway, thought I'd just go by the book to make sure I had everything covered!

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