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    Hello everyone, im currently on Section 1 Part C, SMA 11-7, SMA 12-1.

    ive spent hours on google, ive emailed my tutor (only to be linked to pages ive already looked at)

    i just cannot comprehend how to write a test plan, what it looks like, what it needs to consists of. ive tried searching for examples of test plans for other games and i either couldn't find one, or just got really confused at what i did find.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    I've not actually written one myself yet, procrastination has been key with my SMA's :/ , but, I have a pretty good understanding of what i need to do thanks to how i annotated lesson 7. A test plan should be a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be tested and should contain; What needs to be tested eg: terrain, NPC's, quests, items (all of which how they interact with the player and the wording used in, cases it can be applied, and any other way anything that is in the game affects the player or game in general). When it needs to be tested, the order the items above need to be tested in. How everything above needs to be tested, to ensure that everything works how it should work, and looks how it should look. Who should carry out each of the tests, for example one particular tested is better at testing out terrain glitches than others. Finally, on what, for console games it's pretty simple, PC games would obviously require more, but it needs to be included. As a whole, the contents of the document should look like below:

    Test plan: Metroid Prime
    Terrain: Tested by Geoff
    Looks of terrain
    Interaction with terrain
    Items: Tested by Mary
    Interaction with Items -picking up
    In game description
    Enemies: Tested by Lesley
    Interaction with enemies - attacking the player
    being attacked by the player
    fighting each other

    ... and so on, this is far from comprehensive, and as another student, I can't say how deep they want it, but I at least hope this helps you start off on the right foot

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    Search the forum, I've done several highly detailed posts about test plans and what they should contain....

    Should update it oneday, if you can't find them give me a shout i'll try to dig them up

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