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    I'm having difficulty with the first question of SMA 26-5.

    Its askng why developers favour Windows over MAc or Linux despite the difficulties caused by the 'protect memory model'. It may be an obvious answer but I cant think of anything beyond that Windows has some of the best operating systems and is the most widespread of all three and thererfore is used by developers to ensure their game reaches a large audience.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    Hello mate,

    I would probably say its because of this;

    Microsoft was the first company to create a GUI (graphical user interface, point and click OS) that's why they became so wide spread and also created scripting language's to make creating apps for them easier unless you was a master in binary code like earlier OS's, so all them scripting languages run fine in them and they are many different types of programmes you can use to create bespoke engines

    that's my idea behind it, so hope that's helped

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