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Thread: Need help on Game documents

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    I am currently doing a Pitch document and a high concept document for a life simulation game me and a few others are making and i have got really stuck on what to put for some of the sections and the book doesn't really help me. Can someone help me understand what i need to put in the sections i am stuck on cuz ive never really been able to do stuff like this without a bit of help. The sections i need help on are.

    Pitch document: Razor X, Five minute walk through, Key features, Unique selling points, Target Demographics and In closing

    High concept document: Key features, look and feel, Player motivation and goals

    Much appreciated

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    The 5 minute walk through is just that - a very brief walk through of what you would consider to be a 'typical' game. Remember, pitch documents are meant to draw people in pretty much from the start. For example, say you were making a game that simulated a working class morning. The 5 minute walk through could look something like this:

    "You wake up, the alarm clock blaring. Dreary eyed, you flail around, trying to turn it off until finally realising that the alarm clock is on the other side of the room. Getting up, you turn off the alarm clock and start your day.

    You decide to get dressed for work before fixing breakfast. Opening the door to the wardrobe, a large fluff ball launches itself at your head. You spend precious moments running blindly around the room, trying to get the cat to let go of your head. Tripping over a storage box, the cat jumps off of you and onto the bed, looking at you indignantly before curling up on your pillow and falling asleep.

    After getting dressed, you go to the kitchen where you're greeted with a surprise. It seems your 5 year old couldn't wait to eat and fixed breakfast for both of you. Sliding on the egg covered floor, you manage to make it to the table in one piece. Not wanting to discourage your child from being independent and helping around the house, you thank them for making breakfast and take a big bite of toast, only to find that it's covered in toothpaste. "I couldn't find the butter," your little one says cutely. Grimacing, you decide to forgo breakfast and instead head to work, your stomach empty and your head covered in scratches from the cat."

    Obviously, because it's meant to be a brief walk through, not all of the details are included. This is fine. It's only meant to get the general idea across and generate interest.

    Key features and selling points are usually put together on most games. Just look at the store page for any game on Steam, and you'll see what I mean. Basically, think to yourself, "What makes this game good? What will people like about this game?" Think camera angles (first person, overhead, 3rd person view), 2D or 3D, platform, sandbox. How do you make your choices? From a drop down list? Snazzy UI? And so on.

    Keeping with my morning sim above, some key features and selling points for it could be that it's a first person simulation in a 3D, procedurally generated environment. No two play throughs are quite the same because the locations of items and rooms change from one game to the next. Another selling point could be that the player is presented with choices throughout the game and these choices will directly impact what happens as the game progresses.

    A high concept document is similar to the pitch document, but goes into a lot more detail.

    Hope this helps somewhat. Sorry I couldn't go into all the areas you're having problems with, but I'm running a bit short on time today.

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    Thanks this has helped alot

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    Hello knight rider
    Dragoone got the 5 min walk through down to a tee but the high concept comes before the pitch and it does not go into that much detail because if it does then people will get board reading it, remember the HCD is to catch the publishers eye so nothing in the terms of pages long, that's the GDD but must say enough so they know what your on about and gives them a clear picture of the game but not revealing to much. Kinda like dangling a carrot trick

    The razor x is normally a slogan summing up the game so useing the example from Dragoone you could have this;
    can you help dave rise to glory and help him open his first business and juggle family life? In the money machine where every day offers new challenges

    the look and feel is basically you saying with words what the game will look and feel like, will it look make believe, realistic will it feel like you are in the game or taking a command point of view and so on

    player motivation and goals is you saying why will the want to play it and what would spur them on to complete it, maybe the story?

    target demographics is the section of the market you are aiming the game for and what age/type of people will play it and how much money it could make

    so this is just for example and is not true;

    say you are making a cartoon fighting game and the fighting genre makes 10 million out of the 100 million from all games, then looking closer into the fighting genre you see the more serious fighting games like mortal kombat make 7 million so that leaves 3 million for cartoon fighting game, so looking even more closer into the cartoon section you see there is one big hitter making 2 million and that's dragon ball z, your main rival who your games going to be up against.

    so overall you could make 2 million but if your game is going to cost 700,000 to make chances are the publisher will see the slight chance of making money to risky and not give you the money you need

    hope this has helped you mate
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    Sorry one other thing I forgot to write and that is, the way Dragoone rite that 5 min walk through is from a first person perspective so if your making a sim like the sims then you would need to write it from a third person perspective

    And one last thing about the example for target demographics, you could safely say that over 18's within that genre play the more serious fighting games because of the age so with cartoon fighting games that aimed at 12 to 18 and mainly helps with the analysis and should strengthen your pitch

    You could try and say that over 18's would play it but the prof is in the pudding when it comes to money
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    Keep that in mind

    Thanks for the webmail.

    There are no particular rules that need to be followed so long as you cover the topic as necessary and you spelling and grammar are of a good standard (make sure to get someone to proof read for you!).

    The documentation should include a small explanation of your understanding of the topic and a documentation of how you approached completing each task.
    Aside from that it should include references for any third party code you may have used and a list of any known issues with your solution for the task.
    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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