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Thread: Prefetching and enemies

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    Default Prefetching and enemies

    hello everyone;

    I know what prefetching is and understand the logic behind it but this is my problem

    if your using prefetching to enhance you gaming world how do you over come the design issue of enemies who are pre-loaded in another section that are chasing or attacking the player and he just so happens to step/run into another part of the gamming environment where these enemies are not loaded into,

    so if the player crossed over the dividing line then the enemies would just stop because they are programmed within there scripts to pursue, attack, ect just within that section we have pre loaded and before someone comes back with something silly like "well just script them to pursue into other areas" we cant do that as a player could end up being chased like hes playing zombies on CoD and if the world is big your over stress the CPU, RAM and graphics card so it would just probably freeze

    any help would go a long way

    Many thanks


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    Lots of games are like that, if you think about it. Take Skyrim as an example. A town guard is chasing you, you run out the gates and down the road. After awhile he stops chasing you and goes back to his post. Animals chase you for a little while and then give up, same with criminals and other humanoid npcs.

    They get around this by making the individual sects no longer like you. Guards in other towns are told you have a bounty on your head, so when they see you they attack. Anger one guild stronghold and all members of that guild throughout the world hate you.

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    Fair point there but thats easier to achieve, just setting and making a certain type of npc who dwell in one location and changing there name so it suits and in the open world they would just script it so if the distance increases to x amount stop and that works well when they are in the area that's been prefetched or make it to the dividing line

    So say someone pursued close to the dividing line and you stepped over it, there only loaded into that section and once you get so far away then the games know through scripting that area is no longer needed so gets rid of it, so that would mean our enemies would dissappear

    A game where sometimes you can't out run the enemies is assassins creed or even take a large dungeon from any game where prefetching is use

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