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    So, I have just finished the bug reports for the second designer portfolio project and I have to write why I chose the game I used for the project. I used an Alpha build of a city builder I found on Gamejolt called 'Skytown' and written a draft where I discuss that I am familiar with city builder games and therefore have an idea of what makes them fun to play and the type of bugs that can ruin a players experience, but beyond that I am a little bit stumped.

    Should I mention that I went into this knowing there would be bugs? Is there anything else I could possibly say about why I chose it?

    If anyone also knows a good place to host the videos I took for some of the bugs then that would also be helpful. Is YouTube alright? Ot should I try elsewhere?

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    When I did this PP (yeeeeaaaars ago) just a couple of lines of a summary of why you used that particular game was all that was needed. Some familiarity with the franchise/game series/genre etc etc is/are valid reasons, as is no knowledge of said factors (i.e. trying something new). I used extensive annotated screenshots for mine though (video hadn't been invented), so I'm not sure. I guess YouTube is as good as anywhere else.

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    Would it be better to have the summary on a separate document or as part of one of the bug reports? YouTube also came to mind for the videos.

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