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    Default I Can't Draw......

    Ok, so after discovering the Portfolio Projects (that I knew nothing about) I'm having a crack at the first PP and it's going pretty well.
    But I have remembered one important detail.... I really cannot draw to save my life.
    I'm pretty sure I read that I need to include diagrams (flow charts I can do) but I just can't put my ideas onto paper!
    Are drawings, to represent screenshots etc, important? Do I need to include them? Will I be penalised without them?
    Surely you aren't all budding artists? How is everyone else managing?


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    I've used some art I found with a google search and labelled it as Concept Art, I've seen a few people do that. Some also use their own art as Concept Drawings, no matter how terrible they actually are.

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    Cool. Thanks for that. I think I'll just do something like that. Maybe I should learn photoshop ��

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    Ask your tutors if you will get a job if you cannot draw your own images, pretend there is no google images or no images you can take off the net, maybe you will need to illustrate your idea's, more than likely and you will definately need to illustrate your idea's where google just cannot get the images on your mind, even so, where's the self-worth and satisfaction, photoshop comes way after but a GDD demands drawn work of your own design.
    Buy books from a store or go to a library, a quick fix from youtube will not help you sitting at a desk with a team, sometime you will ask yourself why you didn't take the time to learn techniques to draw which will cost you or others time and money later, so learn now and help yourself.

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    This is what tutors said

    Thanks for the webmail.

    The quality of the artwork used in the submission is not something that is being evaluated. You can use whatever images you want so long as they will function correctly with the program submitted and the program achieves whatever is required for the task.

    I hope that this has helped to clarify things for you, however, if you have any further questions please let us know.

    Kind Regards
    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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    As I can't draw for toffee, I used a combination of Pic Monkey and Luna Pic to create mock ups from existing images. The end results look surprisingly professional. The great part is these are both free online software.

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    Howzit Vampirion, I found this link on a Reddit Ama and it put my mind at ease.

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