For Portfolio Assignment 1-3, I have to create a Proposal, Mechanics and Level design documents for a game based on an existing SCI-FI propety. For this I have created a Star Trek RTS similar to the Total War series of games.

The issue I have is that I may be overestimating the capabilitites of the DS/DSLite and DSI formats that the project states are the target format.

Some areas I have in mind for the game include:

  • A Fluctuating economy, where resources will rise and fall in price based on player possession.
  • The ability for a players star ships to visibly change as they upgrade through a tech tree based on the Star Trek franchise. Ships will begin resembling those from Star Trek Enterprise and finish resembling those from the Star Trek: Next Generation Films.
  • Missions that are periodically generated by a players faction, requiring them to complete a task in exchnge for money or technology.
  • Finally, certain characters from the series will appear during gameplay and affect a players planets and faction. For example, one character will increase resource value, while another will increade planetary defenses.

I am familliar with the DS, and have researched its technology. I also know recent models can support remastered N64 games, but would it be able to support something like this?

Any advice would be appreciated.